Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our puppers

Wow, time flies. Sabot is now just over 8 years old. I think this was within days of us bringing him home...

We found out last week that Sabot has cancer (anal gland carcinoma to be precise). We've gotten some tests done at the local vet and while the bloodwork came back good, there's a spot just below the mass in his ass that might be a lymph node where the cancer has spread to. Sigh. That's not good.

He's as happy as ever (except for the random limping from something bugging him with his paw that started on Thursday) and doesn't seem to be bothered in the slightest right now. He's had at least one (if not two) rectal exams by now and the vets are just amazed at how unphased he is by those. With food, anything is tolerable.

He gets his first ferry ride this week when I take him over to a specialty vet clinic in Seattle. They'll check out the x-rays and bloodwork to determine we can operate. More to follow...

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  1. So very sorry to hear about that, Jenna. We'll be keeping you guys in our thoughts!