Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Recap

This week started off with a crazy winter storm here in the northwest. Now, for all you hearty types, this was a pretty small storm. But, when we get temps that drop way below freezing, plus wet snow, plus NW drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow, plus road crews that don't actually salt (and plowing in the middle of storms? Insane thought) makes for a doozy of a storm. We also had really strong (40-50 mph) winds that added to the joy. Trees were down all over the place, power was out for over 90k kitsap county residents it was nuts. It took us an hour to get home (and we normally have a 20 minute commute), but we were very fortunate as some of our friends and co-workers had much longer commutes for shorter distances. And others had 6 hour commutes. Yikes. For all the bad, we managed to get a snow day out of it! Which worked out well, since I was taking Sabot to the vet anyway for his surgical consult. We lost power for about 10 hours or so, but with the wood stove and generator, we didn't miss a beat. The house was toasty warm, the DVR was still was good.

But, the puppers did romp around in the snow quite a bit on Monday and Tuesday. Snow makes him so unbelievably happy...which in turn always makes up happy. We headed out on the not-so-great roads up to Lynwood to the specialist and had a horrible time on the roads due to Sabot being agitated with the road noise and rattling of his car barrier. Oh well.
The consult went well and we ended up asking "So, can you operate tomorrow?". They could, so we left the bubba up there to get in for his CT and operation on Wed. They didn't get to the CT until late afternoon, so we didn't get the call about the results until around 8:15pm. Everything went well, only two lymph nodes had to come out, plus the mass, plus a peach pit. That's our boy. He's doing well by now and we're hoping to pick him up this afternoon or tomorrow. The house is quiet without him here.

Joe and I got up bright and early Thanksgiving morning to go crabbing. We ended up having fantastic success again and caught our limit of red rocks (12) and one dungeness crab. And most of these were HUGE guys. They boiled up nicely and made for quite the treat at dinner.

Today I'm off to pick up the packet for my half-marathon. I've had a cold all week, so I'm hoping that it goes as well as I thought it would (the run, not the packet pickup). While I'm over there with my friend, we agreed that a little black friday shopping is in order. Yay!
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