Sunday, January 16, 2011

January is already flying!

Can't believe that we're almost into the third week of January!  We spent a fantastic, cold Christmas in Chicago.  It was nice to be back there again and we were able to go see Blue Man Group with my parents and have a killer lunch at Xoco - which I've been dying to try.  Blue Man was wonderful - it's been over 10 years since I've seen it and it was nice to see how they mixed up the show since then.  Everyone had a good laugh - and, if you haven't seen it - it's not really a "show" - it's more performance art - but absolutely a really good time.

We spent a chill few days back here before heading back to work.  My new addiction is streaming netflix through the new bluray player!  It's awesome...never waiting for DVDs to show up, having the movies right there.  We finally caved on a new dvd player after my old one (from 1998 or so) stopped being reliable with newer DVDs. 

The spring is going to be a whirlwind of work, family visits, etc.  I counted up and from now until the end of May, I have 8 weeks when I'm not going to be at work.  Most of those are trips FOR work, but a couple of parent visits, heading to Sacramento / Tahoe, etc.  My locales for work trips aren't all that exciting this year, save for one.  But, more on that when I return from the trip!

Work has been AWESOME - just super fast, every moment is something new.  It's really great to be back working projects again. 

Today, I'm waiting for a Bears win over the Seahawks!  Tomorrow, Joe and I are heading to Crystal to get some skiing in for a couple of days.  Hopefully there will be some awesome snow and some photos.  I haven't been back up to Crystal since I blew my knee out there in 2000.  Yikes!

The bubba is doing well - the last round of antibiotics finally seemed to do the trick with getting rid of the little fluid bubbles that were on his backside.  He is now as back to normal as he'll ever be.

That's all for now...I"m on the verge of signing up for 2 more half marathons and a couple of nice bike rides, but I"m waiting for my schedule to solidify a bit before I jump in.  :-)  should be a great spring.

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