Saturday, February 05, 2011

Another week bites the dust

Crazy...time is continuing to fly right on by.  I don't think I even mentioned that we went to Crystal Mountain here in WA for a short ski vaca.  We timed it just right - after the snow level started to come back up and on the second day, about 4-5 inches of new.  It was a great time - we just left the bubba at home and the neighbors came by to play with him, feed him and let him out.

Crystal is typically a day ski mountain - they don't have a ton of lodging there and not too many food choices.  But, we hit the Snorting Elk - a great little ski bar at the base of the mountain.  We had some great local brews and a HUGE pyrex pie pan of nachos....and the nachos had riduculous amounts of jalapeno slices on them.  It was great - just a little bit painful to eat.

I just am in slight amazement at how quickly the time is going already this year.  Joe's out working on a project and is finally busy each and every day.  I think he's starting to understand why I love project life so much - the people are typically great, good camraderie, quick crazy pace, and no two days are the same.

It's almost 7am and Sabot is wide awake with his squeaky fish...that toy is so loud...but it's lasted forever and is still his favorite toy in the world.  It makes me smile just to see him walking around squeaking it.

And then there's Yankee.  Poor cuddly yankee who is still pissed off that she can't go outside anymore.  Ah well, she's still an excellent twist tie hunter.

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