Thursday, April 14, 2011

March came and went

And then we were in April. I can't believe how quickly March went by. No travel, no crazy trips. Just me, Joe, Yankee and Sabot. And lots of rain. But, Joe got a great start on the finishing up the front porch. At this point, there's only a little bit of painting left. final photos soon! We're also taking the time to rake up all the loose rocks in the yard. It's odd, but just that little bit of work made a big difference in how the yard feels. We have all the grass areas spray painted out and just need to get quotes for hydroseeding, get some topsoil put down, an irrigation system installed and we'll be on our way! Work is picking up again. I have a cool trip coming up that I'll share details and photos on later (when I get back). I am trying to decide which triathlons and half marathons I'll be doing this summer. I'm thinking the Tri Freaks Olympic Distance in Ocean Shores and then a women's half marathon (a week later!) in Seattle. PLus, probably a few smaller things. We'll see. Love that the days are getting longer on both ends. It just helps improve my outlook on the rest of the year so much! Summer is almost here!

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