Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tulip Pedal....

Well, I had hoped to have lots of stellar pictures from yesterday's tulip pedal of all the rows and rows of beautiful tulips in bloom that we saw on our 40 mile bike ride.

Sadly, they should have just renamed the ride the Skagit Valley Pedal this year.  Most of the tulips had already come and gone.  We could see a few fields in the distance, but we didn't end up going by any of them.

It was a nice day - we got up there and got going around 9am.  Right in the middle of the rain.  Sounds like we should have just waited an hour and then we would have completely missed the rain...but, that's ok.  I just ended up a little splattered because I was drafting off Joe as much as possible! ;-) 

40 miles was a long way.  I hadn't kept up my training mileage, so I was burnt out by the end. Bad Jenna.  It's certainly one I'd love to do again in future years, but we'll probably play it by ear on how the tulips are looking.

Should be a busy week coming up.  I'm going to be working feverishly on my law final, having dinner with a friend who is going to do an Oly triathlon with me (working on training plans), staying late for a telcon at work and, oh yeah, trying to get ready for a trip that starts next week.  It'll be a fast week!

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