Sunday, May 08, 2011

JW Marriott Mai Khao Beach

We ended our trip in Phuket, Thailand. More posts to follow on what we saw and did, but I wanted to devote a whole post to just the amazing hotel.

Seriously - this place was amazing. I've never stayed in a hotel this posh. And the corporate rate that the group paid was insanely cheap. Yes, it's monsoon season, so there were some heavy downpours a time or two. It also was unbelievably hot and humid, but for this girl from Seattle, anything over about 85 degrees is hot....But, all in all, the resort was amazing.

I love being a Marriott Platinum Rewards member - I got comp'ed breakfast every morning - it was a stellar buffet that just couldn't be beat. All kinds of fruits, smoothies, local foods, international foods, etc. Amazing.

I swam in the pools at just about every opportunity I had....morning, noon, night, after the pools didn't matter. I just wanted to dip in there and just enjoy. The pools varied in depth from kiddie pool to 2 m deep - and sometimes in the same pool (example would be the pool with the tutles on the top row is the same pool, just a different part of the two photos on the bottom right).

The bummer was that the beach that the JW is located on isn't all that swimmable. I walked along and dipped my feet in the Andaman Sea a time or two, but the rip tide was of high concern the entire time we were there.

I can't imagine a more amazing location for a hotel. The entire place was just stellar and the only thing that could have made it better would be to have Joe sharing it with me.
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