Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ko Phi Phi = Insanely Gorgeous

Words can barely express how beautiful Ko Phi Phi Leh and Ko Phi Phi Doh were in Thailand. Three of us stayed an extra day (on our own dime!) in order to take in just a little more of this magical place.  We decided to head out on a trip to Ko Phi Phi Leh (pronounced ko pee-pee lay) and Ko Phi Phi Doh to see what were billed as possibly some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

Lonely planet didn't lie.  They also said just how overdeveloped and crowded these beaches are getting...and they're right on the money.  Tons of tour boats, tourists, etc - and this is LOW season!  We ended up doing a package through a tour operator.  This is totally one of those things that I could have taken some time to plan...but, with limited time, paired with first time overseas visitors...and flights that we needed to catch later that day...we just did the package.  It seemed like a good deal overall...would have loved more sunning time on the beaches, but oh well!

Anywho, we started by speeding from the Royal Phuket Marina off to Ko Phi Phi hour and a (to me) scary boat ride later, we arrived.  We had some rain along the way and I was thinking that we were going to be severely disappointed with everything.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

As we're speeding into the above bay, I couldn't get over the scenery.  The most turquoise water that you could dramatic cliffs.  Spectacular.  We anchored deep in the this bay for a few minutes and we were able to jump off the boat and swim.  Awesome.  Warm, clear, perfect.  I'm happy just thinking about it on this rainy day.
Moving on, we went to Maya Beach - this is where "The Beach" was filmed (partially...I think) with Leonardo di Caprio.  Again, breathtaking.  The sand felt really soft and perfect.  Am I using enough superlatives in my descriptions for you to get just how amazing it all was?

We took off to one more beach - our lunch stop....transit photo below...

And, finally, lunch.  Perfect.  There was this cool resort on the beach called Zeavola - looked incredible.  They bring you in by boat and then bring a tractor out to the boat so the guests don't have to get their feet wet. Not my cup of tea (I was getting in the water at every opportunnity), but I guess it's not for everyone.

Ah, a cold beer and a great beach.  Until next time Thailand!
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