Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feels good

to be back home again after another week of travel!

Items of note while I was gone:

1) Sabot had his first checkup since the surgery and there's NO sign of tumor regrowth at this point.  Just scar tissue.  We're just so psyched about it - it's a relief.  Now, that doesn't mean he's in the clear, but it's a good sign for now.

2) The sprinkler system got installed. This included three inches of topsoil around the place and in the garden boxes - so excited to get seeds planted this year - hooray!  That'll most definitely be a project for this weekend if the weather clears up and the soil dries out some.

3) The lawn got hydroseeded.  The major bummer here is that we have to keep Sabot off the to-be lawn for 4-5 weeks.  Yuck.  Means walking him on a leash all the time and probably lots of trips to the dog park to play.

That's really about super exciting plans here. I do plan to do some baking - I just have to decide what to make.  Decisions, decisions.

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