Sunday, June 05, 2011

Just a little bit of sunshine

I can almost taste the carrots, beets, lettuce, garlic, kale, beans, peas and rhubarb now.  Joe will also be throwing some hops into 2 of the beds and then we're thinking about putting some peonies in a bed or maybe a few berry plants.  We'll see. 

And it's amazing what we can get done.  We've had several spectacular weekends here and with all the help from the parents, we've been able to make excellent progress on the yard. 
Joe's folks helped us with a lot of big dirt work.  Joe's dad was on the Kubota and scraped down some uneven section and also cleared the weeds and leveled the ground where the raised beds are going for the garden.

With my parents here, we got the little front area planted with some lovely plants.  My mom and I did a lot of hard digging to get these plants in (wasn't this all fill at a time - sure seemed harder than I expected it to be), but once they mature and establish, they'll be nice and full for sure.
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Sabot has of course enjoyed the sun.
 Finally, our lawn mower showed up.  You might be asking yourself "for what lawn" since all you see is brown dirt in the picture.  Soon....very very soon.  :-)

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