Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once again...

Sears screwed us over.  Remember this?  After describing the issues with our dishwasher (melted plastic pieces) and stove (excessive soot in stove) on the phone with their 1-800 number (and stating that I needed a repair), an appointment was set up for this morning.

The repair tech came, and I didn't get a good feeling when I described the issue and he said "".  Hmmm.  He started on the stove and didn't finish all the PM checks prior to calling his "home" and saying a specialist needed to come out.  And they'll look at the dishwasher at the same time.  I iterated to the guy that I SAID a repair was needed when I made an initial appointment.

Great.  More hours that Joe and I have to take off work.  Freaking awesome.

I hate Sears.  I will try to avoid ever, ever, ever buying appliances from there again. Their customer service has been nothing but disappointing.

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