Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleepless in...Poulsbo

So, the coyotes woke me up about an hour ago and I'm trying to get sleepy again...hopefully it'll be soon because 4:40AM is coming way too quickly!

Anywho, we had a great weekend.  Lots of yard work and a brewery tour of Hale's Ales.  We were picked up at the Seattle Ferry terminal in their double decker bus....

And then spent the next couple of hours up at the Brewery in Ballard.  I love Hales - small, locally owned brewery.  They'll only distribute as far as the beer will stay fresh.  And, where else can you ride an old-school British double decker?

We did a whole lot of yardwork this weekend.  I managed to FINALLY get each and every other plant purchased that is going in around the house...that was a lot more digging (about 30 more plants?)...but I'm so happy to have it done.

It feels a little odd to look out our windows or wander onto the deck and see the green expanse of lawn.  It seemed like an overnight transformation this week.  We came home from work one of the days and the dirt had a different shade of green to it - sure enough - we had the grass growing!  It's almost long enough to need mowing, but we're just letting it grow, grow grow for now.

Unbelievable that we're finally almost done with the house.  Random things for the rest of this summer include installing edging around the house and lawn for a mow strip, building a 24x24 shed (little project, eh?) to put the lawn mower in and some other random things that have been piling up in the garage and then probably putting fruit trees in this fall.

Finally starting to feel sleepy....yay!  Darn coyotes.
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