Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching up is hard to do...

These are a couple of weeks old, but they're still blog worthy!  Joe finished up the front porch pillar about 2 weeks ago and it looks marvelous!  It really finishes up the house.

He also managed to install ALL the irrigation piping around the house for all the shrubs, which is just fantastix with all the sporadic rain that we get.  The next step for the outside is to get the mulch laid in....and I think that might be it for a while.

The feel of grass under my feet is awesome.  Sabot seems to be a lot more rompy around the yard too.  And, he's again to rolling around on his back in the grass.  I love our happy puppy!

We spent 4th of July with Dave and Bernadet at their house.  It was a lovely, warm day.  It's always such a good time with them! you see three of us in this photo?  ;-)  If not, wait a few months and the third in our little family will be much more visible!  The Nubbin is due to arrive on or about January 18th, 2012.  Insane...and still a little unreal.   

I'm at about 14 week (ish) now and have felt fine! Just ran a half marathon with my awesome friend Paula this weekend...2:20 time, which isn't insanely awesome, but not too shabby. Oddly enough, we both felt slow for the hip was SO tight for the last, we'll have another opportunity to do it better on another day. 

More updates as the summer (and baby) progresses....we have a shed to build so all the exercise equipment can be vacated out of the soon-to-be nursery...and we have a babymoon planned for October to Kauai.  Should be lovely!
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