Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long week....

For some reason, it's just been a really long week here.  I'm ravenous and so tired today - that made the day even longer.  I think the highlights so far for the week were yoga last night (which managed to make my back ache - I think I'm to the point of no more upward dog) and then lunch with a girlfriend from work who is also pregnant. 

I'm already looking past tomorrow (sad, eh) to the weekend and next week.  I really really need to get my last paper done by Monday.  I'm cruising along, but the darn intraweb can be such a distraction! ;-)  Saturday will be the 8k Seafair Torchilight run in Seattle.  It's so funny - last year when I did this run, it had been my longest run EVER and I was kind of intimidated by the whole "nearly 5 mile thing" - now, this should be a piece of cake!  I love how my perspective can all change in a year.  Should be pretty warm, so I'll need to bring my water belt with me to keep nice and hydrated.  I think after the run, I'm treating myself to a burger from Red Mill Burgers.  Stops at Cupcake Royale and Molly Moon's will be in order to bring goodies back home. 

Next week isn't all that exciting, but I do have a cooking class (yay for livingsocial!) over in Seattle with my friend Paula.  I think this is about summertime Italian food or something.  In any case, the menu sounded yummy!

Just one more day and then I can relax....

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