Monday, July 25, 2011

Raspberry Roll and....

So, with the plethora of awesomely ripe fruit that I found in the store last week, I picked up half a flat of raspberries, among other things.  I wasn't totally sure what to do with them, but they looked so good, that I knew I would figure something out.

After looking through my cookbooks (and, smartly, using to find out where my raspberry recipes would be found), I settled on raspberry breakfast bars and a raspberry roll.  The breakfast bars are going to be made later this week, but since I have yet another paper due for class in a week, I decided to make the roll yesterday. 

I used the recipe for the genoise from my Baking Illustrated book. It had been a while since i had made a roll-cake.  I think my last attempt was a pumpkin roll when we had Thanksgiving at our house many many years ago.   The one alteration was that I attempted to re-create Joe's grandma's raspberry roll with a yummy frosting.  The frosting was super easy and freezes really well (so you can have raspberry rolls year round that were made with summer fruit).

After the genoise baked, I immediately flopped it on a kitchen towel to roll it all up and let it cool.

I had fully intended to take photos while spreading the frosting and raspberries, but I got so into the process that I completely forgot.  I totally remember that the roll should be a nice, petite, lovely roll, but by the time I had done mine, I had a monster roll that felt like it weighed a good 5 pounds!  This thing is HUGE!  I didn't roll it nearly tight enough, but - it still tasted yummy.  Guess I'll have to try it again a few more times this year.  Darn!

Look at this thing!  It is almost as big as the whole plate!

In other news, Joe and I finally decided that I'm showing.  I was trying to continue to convince myself that it's just my little tummy that I've always had, but there was no denying it this weekend!  Sabot seems to be cool with it though. 

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  1. What a great cake roll!

    Nubbin bump made me teary!