Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yankee Love!

Not THOSE Yankees, but our Yankee.  I figured all the Sabot love might have been getting her down a little.  She was in heaven soaking up the sun yesterday.

The run yesterday...bleh.  It was really warm and sunny (for here) and I'm not a warm weather runner.  I had sucked through a good chunk of my water by the halfway point and all the hills were still in front of me!  The aid stations were poorly set up and I was spent by the end.  Who ends a race with almost .8 miles of uphill?  My time suffered too...I think I ended up about 52 minutes for an 8k - weak, but I walked most of the hills.

The highlight of the evening was dinner at Red Mill burgers in Interbay.  I enjoyed a delux with cheese and then an order of the famous onion rings.  Neither disappointed and it hit the spot.  Made a quick run to cupcake royale to redeem a groupon and then to Molly Moon's to pick up a couple of pints and enjoy some carmelized peaches-n-cream ice cream in a fresh waffle cone.  Yum!

Today has been pretty chill.  I got home late and by the time I showered, it was almost 11:30.  I slept soundly till about 8 this morning.  Finished up my last Masters paper for a while, scrapbooked and used the gas weed whacker to trim up the stuff on the street. 

Now...relaxing...just like the Yankster.
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