Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Piggy Delicousness

So, yeah.  We did another pig roast this last weekend weekend...we "co-hosted" it with friends from work and a great time was had by all!  The pig turned out fabulously as there were some things that we improved on from last year.

The pig was a little smaller this year based on the number of people - only about 55 pounds. It cooked up juicy and tender..

With ears and a snout
 that were just calling out to Sabot.  Carving it took no time at all and before , and everyone had plenty of meat and skin to fill themselves up.

Leftovers certainly don't suck with this much pig in the house.  In the past three days I've made some killer pork tacos, Joe did some pulled pork bbq sandwiches and then last night, I made bbq pork pizza.  Insanely amazing...


And in other exciting news.....check out the photo below!  Amazing...Joe and I both had dreams on the same night in the last week that we were having a boy...and sure enough!
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