Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend goings on...

It was a busy weekend here...and I'm wide awake at 3am prior to going back to work later today.  Awesome.
We had 2 birthday parties to go to plus a bunch of yard work to get done.  I didn't actually take any pics of the yard work just yet - we still have the rock path on the side of the house to get done.  But, all the plants are mulched in and it looks awesome.  Finally.

After a long, warm 10.5 mile run on Saturday, I decided to make Martha's recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Meringue frosting since the local farms are still producing awesome strawberries.  And Sabot is obviously eyeing up the cupcakes as potentially yummy!  The cupcakes came together super easily - all her cupcake recipes are just about flawless.  The frosting, however, I goofed up on and didn't let the butter come ALL the way to room temperature.  It broke.  And I wasn't thinking that fixing it RIGHT THEN sounded ideal (getting ready to head out for a run), so I just went with it and added the strawberries thinking it wasn't all that bad.

But it was.  It looked awful.

Fortunately, I had enough cream cheese in the house and butter that wasn't frozen to whip up a quick replacement frosting.  And it ended up being yummy!

The two birthday parties were a lot of fun.  Long time friends, lots of pregnant ladies (well, three) and a hot day on the lake.  Last  night was work friends, telling a bunch of them that I was pregnant (cause it really isn't blindingly obvious yet in person) and having a lovely time chatting and catching up with friends who retired and are now globe trotting.  I love it.

 The self portraits weren't wildly successful this weekend, but here they are at about 18.5 weeks.  Almost halfway there - yikes!  We have to get going on the shed!  I'm still waiting for volunteers!  Anyone???

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  1. The cupcakes look delicious!

    You're really starting to show now! It loses its novelty at about 35 weeks.