Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wild Wednesday!

Well, not all...

I am SO glad that we're past hump day.  My upcoming short trip to San Diego is just around the corner!  I am so looking forward to getting out of the office.

Big news - the permit for the shed is approved!  Woot!  So, we just have to get quotes on the concrete and then we'll get that moving.  I hope we have an amazing fall so that Joe and I can just crank through that project.  Is  anyone bored and dying to come help us put the thing together?  LOL.

I "lost" another pair of regular pants today - up to 2 total.  If they don't zip up when I put them on first thing, then I'm counting them as a loss.  Fortuntately, I've been loaned these cool belly bands that cover buttons and keep everything in place (tight spandex) so I can cheat and still wear the same pants.  They ought to market these things for holidays when you stuff yourself silly!  It just makes every thing so comfortable.

In other baby news (well, not really), we bought our first major item - it was a little daunting considering we still don't have a nursery.  The infant car seat and stroller that goes with it will be on the way in a couple of month.  Sweet!  Scored a nice deal from Amazon on it.  I'm sure the UPS guy will love that one!

Had a great treadmill run on Monday, just chilled last night and made a yummy dinner, baked cupcakes, did yoga tonight (and made another good dinner) and them an swimming before work tomorrow morning.  And, tomorrow afternoon is massage time - hooray!

Joe's been working hard here on the last side of the house and getting the path done.  This one is a little more complicated because it needed some leveling for the path (where we'll put some type of rock) AND then the normal mulch.  So, two sets of edging will need to go in.  The weather is continuing to cooperate with us, though and it's been amazing all week.  The weekend is supposed to be more of the same.

Hmmm...I think that's it.  Joe and I are going out to a nice local place on Friday for our ELEVENTH anniversary.  Time just flies, doesn't it?  Sabot is turning 9 next week too, which is a little hard to believe (Yankee is the same age but it's a little different with cats, no?).

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