Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cathing up with the yard

Since we're still waiting for the concrete to get going on the shed, we're catching up on all the small random yard items that need to be taken care of.  Joe tackled the fence around the garden this past weekend.  It's nothing fancy, but it'll serve its purpose.  No more Sabot munching and hopefully fewer cats and other random things in the garden beds.  Deer weren't an issue this year, but I'd expect that they will be once they find out we have yummy things growing.

We also finally finished up putting the rock down on the path next to the house.  Joe had also put in some low voltage lights to illuminate things...we're thrilled to finally have this done.  It was most definitely a team effort (yes, I was still slinging rock at almsot 23 weeks pregnant).

And, finally, another pic.  After I got finished with a 3 mile run last night, Joe took a look at me in my workout gear and said (in a rather surprised tone and with a huge smile), you have a belly you.  Funny - I was thinking that same thing with the outfit I had on then.  I had a few miserable days of working out (or attempting to) - stomach issues, strained muscles (fortunately when I was about 9/10 done with my swim), and then horrible shin / calf pains during a run.  Sigh.  So my run last night felt awesome.

The little one has picked up another nickname while we decide on his real name....Fergus.  It's one of those names that Joe threw out there and then (almost as quickly) we dismissed. 

22.5 weeks.  Those half weeks count damn it!  Tomorrow I'll be at 23 weeks complete - insane!
This week has moved along pretty well so far.  Yoga tomorrow night after work always helps me over hump day.
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  1. LOVE the rock path, that is going to look great at night. Be sure you post some pictures when you have the lighting in :)

    And yes - you do have a belly! So cute!