Thursday, September 15, 2011


Two posts in one week?  Insanity.  But, this was a fun one.  Joe and I went to the M's vs. Yankees game last night.  As I was getting changed from work clothes, Joe pops into the bathroom and hands me a shirt "here, wear this as your t-shirt".  He had made it the previous night after I went to sleep and it was super cute!  I of course, was thrilled and had to wear it.

Our friends who we went with to the game were a little more disappointed in the shirt (die hard M's fans)...but it certainly provoked some good conversation! 

Sadly, the Yankees lost in extra innings.  We slowly improved our seats throughout the game and ended up on the 100 level about 4 rows behind the M's dugout for the last couple of innings.  We definitely heard some grousing from ticket holders, but Joe had met one of the ushers on Monday night and he smoothed things over for us.  I've been to a lot of baseball games (between being a paying fan vs paid employee) but being down that close was a first for me.  :-)

I decided to take today off...just because.  We got back super late (a little after midnight) and I drove home so Joe could get some Z's in for work.  I think I'll head out for a 5k this morning, maybe make some key lime bars later...and then finish up the day with a massage.  Sounds about perfect.
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  1. Lol! Love the shirt! What a cute surprise :)

  2. Great shirt! And you look wonderful, too, Jenna!