Tuesday, September 06, 2011

More yard work!

The end is so close, we can almost touch it!  Joe and I had visited a couple of local landscaping / rock places recently to see what struck our fancy for slabs on the back path and loose rock on the side of the house.  While I was off enjoying my mani / pedi, he went and picked out / up what we wanted.  He did an absolutely fabulous job on both - they look great!

You can see that the slabs fit in nicely without being too matchy-matchy.  I guess the "flavor" is salmon skin and the silver in the rock really does look like salmon.  Very cool.  Sabot isn't convinced yet and still leaps over the rocks.  He'll get used to it soon.

On the side of the house, this is filling in nicely.  Joe and I spent about an hour unloading all the rock from the truck (and I did my share - I probably shoveled about the first third of the rock and then just spread the remainder when Joe shoveled it out).  Probably about one more truckload.

Another crazy week under our belts though.  I was off to the east coast for a super quick trip and then back Friday night in time to run 10 miles on Saturday with my "birthday twin" (and good friend).  It was a lovely day out - sunny, but not too warm.  The rest of Saturday involved me lounging around the house relaxing and Joe enjoying himself at Tacoma Craft Brew Fest.  Sunday was a delicous lunch at Agate Pass Cafe (the mediterranean scramble hit the spot!), a little yard work and making some killer knock-off In-n-Out animal style burgers.  Yum!  Joe said the only downside was the house smelling like a fast food joint.

On the baby front, we're still debating about names here.  Fortunately, obscure Irish and Scottish names (Fergus?  Shamus?) are getting tossed out pretty quickly.  We have a couple that we like, but I'm not ready to spill any beans.  The Nubbin has been making himself much more known now.  I don't have to be totally still to feel him moving around in there.  Weird.

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  1. The yard looks lovely! Your hard work really shows.