Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moving Right Along

21.5 weeks....time is a-flying.  From that first big purchase of a carseat / stroller....seems like it's steamrolling now!  I'm stalking craigslist for a few more expensive items, but we've gotten what feels like a ton of stuff already.  It's amazing how much left there is to go, though!  Yikes!

This was a pretty uneventful week in hindsight.  It's finally warmd up here and we're actually (against my wishes) running the heat pump this afternoon.  Yes, we are weak northwesterners.  I'll admit it. 

Joe put more rock on the path yesterday and has a great start to fencing in the garden.  We also contracted with the concrete guy to get a slab put in to start the shed...hopefully that will start this week.

Did my usual long run this weekend with Paula - probably around 8 miles.  Didn't do much else yesterday but grocery shop and a nice relaxing dinner outside.  Joe played paintball in the afternoon - had to break out the ACUs for that.  :-)  Today I volunteered at a local triathlon and did a craigslist run to Tacoma. 

In other exciting news...Joe felt the Nubbin move last night!  A couple of weeks earlier than the midwife thought, but he had seemed to kick / move / bump pretty good this week, so I was thinking he finally might be able to.  Way cool.
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