Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost done

...My work week is almost's been a killer couple of weeks for me with a variety of things that have been going on there.  I'm so happy that the end is about 10 hours away.

We haven't had a whole lot going on this week.  I have another midwife appt tomorrow and will be doing another ultrasound (yay!) plus the glucose tolerance test (should be interesting from what I've heard).  I figured that I'd take the whole stinking day off since that will take up a chunk of the morning for me.  It  worked out well since my right hip / back has been bugging me all week - I managed to snag an appointment at my chiropractor.  Hopefully he gets my back squared away before vacation (and a long plane ride).

Joe and I were both busy little bees in the kitchen last night.  As usual, I made dinner....a very yummy Cream of Potato and Leek soup from Julia Child's "The Way to Cook".  Delicous...a little thick, but that is easily remedied.  I added bacon as a topping...because - almost everything really is better with bacon.  I tried something new, though - I BAKED the bacon.  Cook's Illustrated had an article recently about how this is the most reliable, least messy and yummy way to cook bacon and sure enough - they were right!  It was way less hassle than all the bacon grease splattering the stove and having another pan up there. 

So, in addition to dinner, I whipped up some Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Frosting from the Baked book last night.  Yum!  These were super easy and tasted awesome - a definite make again.
Joe actually cooked last night as well - he had a mexican food themed potluck and decided to make bunenlos...apparently he made them in high school.  It's always fun watching / working with Joe while he's cooking.  He forgets where things are in the kitchen, doesn't do a huge mise en place to have everything ready PRIOR to starting, so he scrambles in the's cute (really, it is).  But, they turned out yummy.  Definitely some lessons learned for next time...

Ugh - I suppose I should start work more day....

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