Sunday, October 30, 2011


Joe and I are wrapping up our Babymoon on Kauai today...and, since some of our friends and family are back in snowy or cold areas...we thought this would be a nice way to share the love.  Kidding...kind of. ;-)

We've been here for about a week and it's been amazing.  Kauai is a really low key island - a completely different experience than Oahu, which was just what we were looking for.  I like Oahu - for work.  But, I'll never vacation there again after having lived there for 3 months and seeing just how crazy it gets. Now Kauai...I'd come back to again in a heartbeat.

Our deciding factor in picking Kauai was a) we haven't been there before and b) there were lots of timeshare options.  We ended up at the Marriott Kauai Beach Club which was nice.  Our room had a large-ish fridge, so Costco was the first stop off the plane to stock up on essentials (coffee and beer for Joe, Pog and pineapple for me) so that we wouldn't be spending a ton of money unnecessarily.  It was a good move - AND - Costco has all sorts of Hawaiian goodies to take home so this was not our only stop there this week.

Picture above is from the beach in front of the was our first day and a lovely way to start.  Nice water...beautiful view.  Does it get any better than this?

We tried to see a different part of the island each day and do something a little different BUT there had to be some water play each day for Joe.  Day 1 was the east side - near Kapa'a.  We saw a couple of nice waterfalls...did a 4 mile hike and thoroughly enjoyed some post-hike shave ice.  The photo above is Wailua falls.

Day 2 we went to the West side and drove the Waimea Canyon with lookouts over the Na Pali coast.  On our next trip here, we'll definitely do a hike or two in this area.  It was gorgeous.

I'm losing track of the days, but day 4 and 5 were spent on the North side - Hanalei, Ke'e Beach, Tunnels Beach, Princeville, etc.  We hiked to some awesome little beaches in these two days.  Above is from Queens Bath looking towards Tunnels Beach and the end of the Na Pali Coast.  I need to add another pic of our little hideaway that we found on 'Anini beach.  It was a little turnout just before the main beach and it felt like it was all ours.  It was awesome...for about an hour till someone wandered up the beach and plopped one tree over from us.  Oh well...

We saw this awesome minigolf course from the road and knew we had to play.  It's fairly new and is also a botanical garden, so there were some lovely plants and flowers throughout.  They also had some super cool water features - like this one where you had to tee off and have the ball sail over the "river".  Joe and I got it no problems...and I also managed to get a sweet shot with Joe's ball in mid-flight over the water.  First try for both things!  :-)

Sunset from our lanai at the Marriott.  I think this was pretty awesome...sunrises didn't suck either.

The one thing I INSISTED on doing was a cave tubing trip.  Ever since I saw it on the big island (Flumin' Da Ditch), I knew that if we came to Hawaii and there was a fluming trip down sugar cane irrigation ditches - we were doing it.  It was such a fun experience too...hopefully the photos will turn out from that and there will be another update with those. 

Ahh...that's about the end of our trip.  We need to get packing soon and then go have one last round of banana macadamia nut pancakes.  Life is good!
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