Friday, October 21, 2011

Fergus @ 28 weeks

Well, had my 28 week midwife appt this AM and also had another ultrasound.  It was so cool again to see the little boy.  He's estimated to be about 2 pounds 9 ounces at this point and is growing well.  He was moving around the whole drive down there and managed to settle down and chill out / sleep once I got into the office.  Figures.  :-)

Saw mostly head and feet this time, as you can see above.  A little bit of yawning, swallowing and hand movement was awesome.  Can't wait till I finally meet him in person!

The ultrasound was followed by the glucoa test for gestational diabetes.  I've heard people say how awful the drink was (water with 50g of sugar dissolved in it), but I've drank much much worse things (like an awful strawberry recovery drink earlier this year.  bleh).  I'm measuring right on track for now and everything else looks great - blood pressure down around 102/64.  Nice!

I treated myself to sonic after the appointment.  The chicago hot dog sounded good, but hot dogs (along with deli meat, sushi, unpasturized blue cheeses, etc) are all on the "no" list right now.  Sigh.  But, I did have a yummy cherry limeaide. 

After the midwife, I made my way back home to the chiropractor to hopefully get my back / hip straightened out...he really worked me over, so I'm being a good person and icing right now! 
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  1. What great pictures! Glad your checkup went well.

  2. awww, little Fergus! Can't wait for him and Penelope to have some playtime!

  3. What a cute little profile he has! Glad all is going so well for the both of you.