Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holy Mole!

Well, looking at the weekend from the downstream side of it, I can't say that it was all that bad.  In fact, it was pretty great!  We had great weather (although a smidge chilly) and the sun makes all the difference in the world.

I wasn't going to post ANOTHER set of belly photos, but considering that Joe (sweetly) asked if I had one of those fake preggo bumps stuffed in my shirt...I thought I would put these up.  Can't believe that I'm almost done with week 27! 

I had an awesome morning today at a spa down in about bliss!  The facial was awesome and the pedi was nice as well.  I was nearly asleep in the facial - that's just how relaxing it was.

Joe decided to go out and mow the lawn one more time so we could get some seed laid town today too...however, he managed to mow directly over one of the septic accesses (one of the big green ones) and knocked a blade out of whack big time.  Whoops!  He's in the process of fixing it now...good thing that he was reseeding anyway...

Yesterday's plan was to have friends over for dinner and I decided to make Rick Bayless' Slow Cooker Chicken Mole since they had never had it before.  The process started at 7am with browning most of the sauce ingredients in a dutch oven....

Adding the aromatics and spices (yes, that's a whole chunk of mexican chocolate).

And then letting it cook down for SIX hours!

In those six hours, I managed to get a nice long-ish run in, go grocery shopping and start making a pear / plum crumble (dessert).

    After six hours, here's the gorgeous sauce...

And then, blending it results in... 

Which has to simmer in the slow cooker for another two hours (after adding some chicken broth to the mix).  You grill bone-in chicken pieces up separately and then pour the resulting sauce over the chicken and sprinkle the whole thing with sesame seeds.  The end is just bliss...spicy, rich and luxurious.  The recipe (from Fiesta at Rick's) makes a TON of sauce so we'll be having mole for months to come!
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  1. wooo! Love the belly pics :) It's awkward but fun to scroll through them every once in a while.