Saturday, October 08, 2011

So glad to be home

Oh man, it's so good to be home.  After an 11 day trip to San Diego...there's nothing like settling in back in Poulsbo. 

Not that the trip was hard or sucked - I was just ready for it to be over.  I managed to get a slew of baby clothes at the various outlets down those all disappeared off "to buy" list.  Sweet!  Plus, I splurged on a few Disney things for Nubbin since I HAD to go to Disneyland - some uber cute onsies and some "infant" sized ears.  However, if there is an infant with a head this big, I'd be amazed.  I'm thinking these will fit when the little guy is older....

I was there for work (do people actually go to San Diego for fun?!) of course, so spent my days in the office or conference rooms and my evenings exploring new places to eat and revisiting old favorites.

The highlight were two separate visits to Disneyland.  One of them was on a weekend, so it was crowded as usual.  The other day was when I flew into town initially - I took the first flight in the AM and zoomed on up to Disneyland ASAP.  It was supposed to be a "1.1/10" for crowds in the Land, so I was excited to see just how empty they were.

It was blissful.  No lines, lots of room to move.  Absolutely fantastic. 

The only downside (and it's really not, but you know..):  I couldn't go on any of the e-ticket rides.  No Space Mountain, no Indiana Tower of Terror.  Sigh.  Fortunately, I still love Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, Soarin' and the Haunted Mansion (with Nightmare Before Christmas overlay).  And, I explored lots of areas of the park that I had previously overlooked.  I checked out all the little shops and bakeries and found some awesome goodies....

These were all super cute! 

I didn't get any apples, but did manage to snag a delicious peanute butter sandwich - a chocolate covered graham cracker, topped with peanut butter...and that whole thing enrobed in chocolate.  Yum!

See - it's mid-afternoon and there's no one here! 

I love holiday time at Disney.  :-) 

And, as I was wandering out of the park for the day, I managed to walk behind Mickey and Minnie as they were going out front to meet guests.  So, of course I had to get a photo!

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