Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's been a little bit chilly here this weekend (and the past week).  We've used the fireplace a whole lot already this year and it's been wonderful.

After a marathon tel-con Friday and two visits to Tacoma this week for baby stuff, I was ready for the weekend for sure!  I was finally able to get outside and run Saturday with my friend, Paula.  We managed to get 6 miles done in just over an hour.  Not too bad for being almost done with 30 weeks.  ;-)  Saturday was pretty chill once I got back...Joe did a whole lot of work on the shed and I made some pretty awesome butternut squash risotto and lamb chops.  Funny - I always do fresh herbs and stuff with the lamb chops and I felt completely lazy this time, so I sprinkled some Penzey's greek seasoning, olive oil, salt and pepper on them and called it good.  Joe said they were the best lamb chops I've done.  Just goes to show that all the work isn't worth it sometimes.  But, the risotto was pretty awesome too - I went lazy on this and just used pre-chopped squash from Costco.  What a time saver!

Today has been good as well...I think Fergus must be going through a growth spurt as I've been famished all day!  Dinner tonight is a smoky pork chili from Cooking Light and I have some cream cheese brownies in the oven right now.  Add some pre-natal yoga in there and the day is just about perfect. Joe's out working hard on the shed again.  Hopefully more pics this week after the garage doors get installed.  All the siding is on now and it's almost ready for the final inspection!

I'm actually looking forward to this week.  A) it's a short week (hooray for veterans!). B) Chiro appt tomorrow (thank the goddess!) C) I get to visit with a friend who just had a little one!  Can't wait to meet the guy!

29.5 weeks. Look preggo now for sure!

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend! All the cooking sounds wonderful.
    Yes, you definitely look pregnant now!