Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cake Pops and Garages...

We're not even going to discuss how my week at work went.  Let's just say that I was here and in San Diego and by Friday morning, I had emailed Joe and said "I want to come home". 

While I was gone...this happened! 

Hooray!  The inside of the shed is going to be huge for both the exercise part and the garage part.  Plus - tons of storage in the overhead.  Totally psyched about this moving along. 

I spent this afternoon with a friend of mine making cake pops for by baby shower tomorrow!  We had intended to make cupcake pops, but the cookie cutter we were supposed to use for the base wasn't quite small enough.  Seriously, though - these aren't as easy as one would think.  The dark chocolate kept getting thicker more quickly than the blue chocolate candy melts....the dipping defintely has a technique to it.  But, they were fun, fairly simple and definitely something I want to try again!
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