Sunday, November 27, 2011

Restful Weekend

It's been a lovely week or so...starting with my baby shower.  I'm completely amazed at how generous my friends have been throughout the pregnancy with gifts.  It's truly stunning and a little overwhelming.  We've had random gifts pop up at our doorstep and at work from all sorts of people and places.  Really, really thoughtful and wonderful. 

I finally broke down this weekend and did some baby laundry.  It was mostly driven by the fact that I could barely move in our guest bedroom because of all the stuff (pack n play, co-sleeper, swing, etc) and clutter drives me nuts.  Plus, in case little Fergus arrives early, I wanted to make sure that we have somewhere for him to sleep that's clean if the nursery isn't set up yet.  I haven't done any clothing laundry yet - just blankets, soft carriers, covers for things, etc.  The clothing is a whole separate load (or two!).

I ended up working only two days this week.  I just didn't feel like going in on I took advantage of the day and baked a couple of desserts for Thanksgiving, cleaned up around the house and generally relaxed.  It was wonderful!

Thanksgiving was nice and chill.  We had my cousin and her husband over for a pretty simple meal.  Sadly, I somehow screwed up the turkey so we had undercooked thighs and dry breast meat.  Plus - I forgot to put the cranberry relish out that I had made.  Argh!  At least the stuffing and green bean casserole was yummy.  And, the desserts - of course!  Joe made some killer whipped cream that I've been in enjoying using up in hot cocoas at night.

The benefit to a 13-pound turkey has  been tons of leftovers.  I made turkey quesidillas on Friday, stock yesterday and turkey & dumpling soup for dinner last night.  Tonight, we'll be enjoying turkey bolognese.  Yum!  I think that still won't kill all the turkey, but I can't imagine just making sandwiches out of the leftovers when it can be repurposed for so many yummy dishes!

Random pregnancy notes:

1) When standing normally, I can't see my feet anymore.  I noticed this in prenatal yoga today.
2) Fergus is getting strong and moving around tons.  I'm having some very firm kicks to my abdomen from inside.  It's alive!
3) The moby wrap has a freaking ton of fabric!  Joe and I will definitely need to practice before baby arrives.  I wonder how Yankee would like being wrapped up...hmmm...
4) There's only  one appropriate thing to say to a pregnant woman - "You look fabulous."  (or some variation of that). Period.  No questions about weight gain, no comments on how big or small one looks.  Just the statement above.  Why do people think it's ok to say things to pregnant women that they wouldn't normally say or ask?  I've been fortunate in that no one has said anything too bothersome....  I've heard stories and the few things that have been said (other than the fabulous statement) are just annoying.
5) Ditto for names.  If someone chooses to tell you what they're naming their kid - that's their decision.  I've had friends who have refused to tell anyone because of possible reactions from people.  Seriously - it's not your business if you like the name or not. 
6) I'm going to miss being pregnant.  This one hasn't been horrible at all except for a couple of minor things now and then.  I love seeing him move around.  I've felt fine.  Sure, maybe people get tired of it at some point...but I'm not there yet and everyone is different. 
7) Prenatal yoga is awesome.  It's interesting to feel how my joints and muscles have changed throughout the last couple of months.  Some poses are definitely not as cake as they used to be.

Joe's been squeezing in some work on the shop as time permits. It's unfortunately been a wait and see sort of weekend with epoxy curing (or not as the case was). He did manage to get the attic ladder installed today, which will be handy!

It's been a rainy weekend here...looks like the next 4 or 5 days will be non-rainy.  Sounds lovely and our ground could use the chance to absorb the water and get un-soggy.  We need to get fertilizer on the ground here shortly so the break will be nice!

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