Thursday, December 01, 2011


Thankfully...the week flew by and tomorrow is already Friday.  Sweet!

Ever have something that you're trying to arrange and plan around someone else's request...and then when it's finally arranged (after a LOT of work), it doesn't work for them anymore?  Awesome, eh? Bleh.  I was the crabby crazy pregnant lady after that frustation today.  I don't know why I bother to try to please everyone.  

But, on the brightside - maternity photos this weekend!  Very exciting!  Considering that I'm still bummed out with our wedding pics, this is kind of a make-up for that.  The same photographer will be doing newborn pics of Fergus when he's a few days old. 

And, heading to Seattle this weekend to check out Urban Craft Uprising at Seattle Center. Should be awesome and I'm hoping to pick up some Christmas presents for the hard-to-shop for people.  I love getting unique, non-corporate stuff for people, but with Amazon and gift cards being so accessible - it's easy to do that instead. 

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