Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowmageddon 2012

Typical of Seattle....we had a snowstorm pass through that dumped about 8 inches on us in 2 days and it paralyzed the region.  It's a little funny to us...but we still hunker down and really don't head out anywhere since the roads aren't plowed worth a shit and they don't salt at all here (which helps when we have freezing rain like this morning).  Fortunately for Joe, the Shipyard curtailed operations to only essential personnel (which he is not) for the last two days, so we got to hang out, play with Sabot and relax by the fire. 
40 weeks!  And, the snow is still ready for Sabot to play in!

Perfect!  I love a good face full of the fluffy white stuff!

Lots of the white stuff all around!

Joe was awesome out there - he plowed the entire road (all the way to the main one) TWICE...and, brought firewood up to the house.  What an awesome husband I have!

Since we haven't used the Kubota for any construction lately...Joe at least was able to use it to get firewood!

Day 2 of being at home with Joe - the freezing rain starts and it's not nearly as nice outside as it was yesterday.  Considering that Sabot seemed pretty tuckered out still, this wasn't a bad thing necessarily.  It's a little distressing that I've burned two days of sick leave only to have Joe get them off as admin leave...but, that's the way the fates lined up this time.  Maybe Fergus will decide to show up soon...

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