Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another week...

We're off to another good start this week.  After a couple of days of so-so night sleep, operation "one arm out" is done for a little bit and he's back to being totally swaddled.  We'll give it another try here and there, but he gets too distracted sometimes by the one arm and starts sucking on that fist in the middle of the night - causing him to wake up.

We got some really good sleep last night continuing the 20 minute (ish) rocking before throwing him in his crib.  Even with the full swaddle, there was no fighting it, etc.

We celebrated St Patrick's Day this weekend with a visit to a co-worker of Joe's who was hosting a house warming.  Green beer, a green dog and plenty of yummy food was enjoyed.  Logan put on his special Monster's Inc onsie for the occasion...

Yesterday, I made the best Mac and Cheese yet (thanks, Fine Cooking) and took that along with some of this  Guinness Chocolate Bundt Cake to a friend of mine from work who had just had a baby.  Seeing him all cute, smushy and one week old was amazing.  I can't believe Logan was that little (or smushy since he's not all THAT huge now) just a short time ago.

We have a great week planned here!  Today I'm off to pick up the rest of the newborn prints from the amazing Laura Zander (Add to Heart).  Thursday, I'm super excited to be linking up with a friend from work and her adorable baby boy.  Friday, another friend from work and I are meeting for lunch in Bremerton and the Friday evening - I have a massage! Oh, life is good!

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