Friday, March 23, 2012

Day by day...

It's amazing how life with Logan can be completely different one day to the next.  One night - he'll sleep amazingly well with a couple of long stretches and only one wakeup.  The next night, he'll be up every 2 hours or even more frequently (thank you Joe for putting him back to sleep this AM and making you leave late).  Daytime naps have a huge influence on that, I'm seeing.  If he doesn't nap very well during the day and has a long nap in the late afternoon, I'm starting to see it influence his nighttime sleep.

But, luckily, even when he's not sleeping well or getting good naps in, he's generally a happy baby.  There's minimal crying (except in the middle of the night when he wakes up) and he certainly hasn't been inconsolable much at all.  I've had pretty good success putting him to sleep during the day without the pacifier (I hate "binky" - just call it a pacifier) and have pretty much avoided it all together at night.

Weaning from swaddling is going kind of miserably.  That was partially what caused the wakeups last night.  And, I'm almost to the point of him just sleeping in his crib vice using both the bassinet and crib.

Sabot is getting chummier with Logan, definitely!  There have been lots of sweet kisses from Sabot and smiles from Logan.

I had a great day yesterday, even if it resulted in a horrible nights sleep.  My friend Lisa stopped by (from The Foster Kids) with her adorable 5 month old Emmett so that Logan could have his first playdate.  It provided a welcome break to chat with an adult in the middle of the day and to let me see what Logan might  be able to do in a few more months.  Even though I know that all the sleeplessness and nap craziness will pass, it's always nice to hear it from someone else as well.

It's another beautiful sunny day here at home!  Logan and I have a lunch date down in Bremerton...hooray!

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