Friday, March 16, 2012

Life in Chunks

So, today was my first day home alone in the almost 7 weeks that Logan has been alive.  It was a good day.  Minimal screaming in the afternoon due to tiredness.  Once HE figured out he was tired, life was good and he got down for a nap (well, three 20 minute naps broken up by moments of crying).

But, I'm finding that my life is now lived in 2-3 hour increments.  Eat, play, sleep.  Repeat.  All day.  The order varies sometimes...but that's it in a nutshell.

And, even with just barely 1.5 days under my belt - I can already see a rhythm to how Logan changes through the day.  In the morning, after breakfast, he's all smiles and ready to get going.  I can usually do some tummy time on the mat and he and I chat and play on the couch.  After the first nap, he's still all smiles, but definitely enjoys being up and checking things out.

By the early afternoon, this is when he loves, loves to be held up to your chest so that he can either peer out over a shoulder or take a snooze.  We went for a walk with the dog yesterday about this time and he just loved it.  He cat napped for a good hour when we were done with this (and by cat nap - he'd fall asleep for 15 minutes, I'd move him a little and he'd wake up and then we'd repeat).

He definitely gets a little cranky come early evening.. Joe's been cuddling with him when he gets home (after a walk that might involve all of us) and that gives me a chance to get something quick together for dinner.  If he's due for a nap, we've found that we can put him in the swing while we eat, muscle through the 5-10 minutes of crying, put the pacifier in and out he goes for about 15 minutes.

This gets us to bedtime when we'll do a bath or just feed and put him to bed.  And then typically, I'm in bed shortly after.

He gets uber cranky when we've interfered with this schedule and I've waited until he's "tired" to put him to sleep.  I'm aiming for naps about 1.5 hours after he woke up (prior to showing any tired signs) and sure enough, he's sleeping lightly within about 5 minutes of rocking him.

So, yesterday...Logan was super smiley to start and end the day.  It was pretty awesome.   It seemed like in the morning whenever I took the camera out, the smile would disappear (for just that instant) - but I captured a few good ones in the evening.

The day started out super rainy and I doubted we'd get outside at all.  But, the sun broke about 1pm and I threw the boy in my moby wrap, put the dog on a leash and we headed outside to walk and play.  When Joe got home, the sun was out again - so we all headed out.   

Sabot was desperate for a walk by the time Joe made it home.  Here he is checking out Logan and giving HIM kisses - like he has any influence on us heading out when we're waiting for Joe.

Here's Logan in his walking outfit!  What a cutie!

Today has been good so far.  The dork of a dog was a pill last night and was off / on the bed for at least an hour...I think he might have woken Logan up sooner than he otherwise would have.  But, it worked out ok as then Logan slept till about 8am.  I even managed to have a few sips of coffee before I had to go get him.

Threw the moby wrap on and visited our next door neighbor.  It was great to get out and walk around a little and visit with her.  :-)

Well, more of the same the rest of today. I'm thinking that I'll head to the store and the church to drop off baptism documents...


  1. Love these pictures and the description of your day.

  2. That sounds so familiar! We did the same thing with attempting to eat dinner with baby in the swing. And, I would go to bed so early those first few months. (I still do, actually!) He is such a good looking little guy! :) Enjoy your time home with him!