Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr. Smiles

Logan has been all about the smiles lately.  It's wonderful and just about brings me to tears when he gets into one of his amazinly frequent moods where all he does is smile.  Last week, we discovered the whole "smiling at each other in the mirror" thing and I had been dying to take a photo of it.  It's pretty darn hard to capture that..hence the bluriness.  But - This is pretty much it.  Love it.

He was quite the chatterbox last night!  Too funny to hear him just "talk" with us, kick around and smile.  Joe and I were getting such a kick out of it.

We've made possible progress in the sleeping realm...we've had two consecutive nights where he's slept 5 hours.  Per everything I've read, this can be defined as "sleeping through the night" - although I beg to differ.  But, we're getting somewhere.  

We also discovered last Friday what a chill guy we have when we take him out to restaurants or social activities.  He was out with me for lunch and then with Joe while I got a massage.  All he wanted to do was look around, check things out and just chill.  It was really cool.  Hopefully, he'll stay that way...

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