Thursday, March 29, 2012

Screwing up the baby...

So, depending on which expert guide you read out there, we're screwing up the baby in a number of ways.

The Baby Whisperer says that since we're rocking him or nursing him to sleep all the time, that we're making him dependent on that.  Plus, I need to have him on a schedule already and that on-demand nursing isn't the answer.

Dr Sears is all about attachment parenting and co-sleeping to develop wonderful bonds, etc.  I'm probably screwing him up by not having him on me in a wrap or sling all the time and by having him all the way in his crib by now.

Then there is the No-Cry Sleep Solution, the 5 S's (no - not Lean 5 S's), Healthy Sleep Happy Child, etc.  I could go on and on.

It's amazing that we were ever raised to be independent adults.


Moving on...Logan didn't have much of a reaction at all to the vaccinations. He was a little sleepier than usual (7.5 hours of sleep two nights ago!), and a little bit of diarrhea (amazing that a breast fed baby can have that, but he sure did!) and that's about it.

This newfound sleeping through the night thing is awesome.  Except for one minor detail - after I get 5 or 6 hours of sleep - I can't get back to sleep easily at night.  Last night, I thought I was about there (after an hour and a half) and then the arm sucking started.  Shoot.  He broke his arm free of the swaddle somehow.  So, I tried to drown it out (but, since he's in his crib and I'm listening to the monitor, I don't want to put a pillow over my head) but ended up being awake for another hour or so.   He finally settled himself back to sleep and so did I...but, I definitely need to figure this out.

On a lighter note - Joe and I went out to dinner with Logan for the first time to celebrate Joe's birthday.  Logan was, again, a champ at the restaurant.  We held him a little bit, but for the most part - he hung out in his carseat checking the world out, chatting with us and smiling.  He definitely likes to have our attention, though and is much happier when mommy or daddy is interacting with him.

So fun...
Celebrating #37 with Daddy!

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