Friday, April 13, 2012

Another week down..

Well, another week has come and gone...this time tomorrow, my folks will be in town for Logan's baptism.

We had a pretty good week here...three days of daycare - some longer than others.  He actually napped for 25 minutes there today...but also managed to go through two bottles in 1.5 hours.  I think I'll be sending him in with smaller bottles since it seems he'll be fed so frequently.

We took the BOB out for walks this week and I think that a) I love it and can't wait to jog with it and b) Logan loves being able to look around.  The other stroller is great, but his line of sight consists of just looking at the stroller or the person walking the stroller.  He seems pretty happy, no?

We did have one night that it felt like no one in the house got any sleep.  He napped like a champ the next day, but I didn't manage to nap until a quick 25 minute one in the made all the difference in the world.  Luckily, L doesn't really get extremely cranky when he gets overtired...not like me.  

The weather turned nice again after a day or two of crazy rain showers.  Joe found that Logan really really liked chilling outside while I was making dinner.  It seems that all the little one wants to do these days is a) kick and b) check out the world around him.  It's pretty fun to watch the changes going on.

Finally, one of my favorites from the week...smiling, chatting Logan...

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  1. So glad you guys are liking the BOB. We love ours. And, it's even better once they can go in there without the car seat attachment. :)