Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter and another week..

We had an amazingly lovely Easter weekend here!  Saturday was a lot of hanging out around the house - I got a workout in on the bike trainer (10 miles in 30 min!) and Joe got the insulation installed in the attic of the shed. Yucky work...Sunday I ran an excruciatingly slow 5k and we went to our friends in Lacey for dinner.  I got to hang out a little bit with other new parent friends....can you believe that our babies are only 5 weeks apart?!

It was a really nice afternoon...and we managed to leave before Logan turned into a pumpkin (i.e., had any sort of meltdown).  We tried to time his naps for the long car rides and it paid off...

Today is another gorgeous day in the NW.  Never fear, it's supposed to rain again tomorrow...

The morning started off fantastically with smiles.  The little one woke up at about 6:20am and I could tell there was no getting him back to sleep after feeding him.  We had some great play time and then he had an hour long nap.

I had planned on another workout at the gym was time to get into the pool and get some laps done (and I'm sore from my pathetic run yesterday).  However, I didn't factor a stop at costco into the POD (plan of the day) and by the time I dropped Logan off at daycare, I was going to run short on time prior to my chiro appt.  Shoot.  So, I went to the chiro appointment (ahhh...bliss!) and then felt I had a few more minutes till picking Logan up.  I stopped for a coffee, answered some email, etc.  

If only I would have known that L didn't sleep at all today (so, he was up for well over 2 hours) - even though the day care people tried rocking him to sleep.  They finally gave him his 2nd bottle even though he wasn't really "due" for it...shoot.  If I had been 15 minutes earlier, I could have avoided that other bottle.  

Luckily, I know to put him right from carseat to crib when this happens...and almost 2 hours later, he's still napping soundly...

At least I think he is.  Since I don't peek in on him - I have no way of knowing if he's really asleep in there or is just lying awake.  But, he tend to stir a little more once he wakes up.  

Or that's what I tell myself when I hear him squeak a little at 5am, "I'll just wait till I know he's up for sure"  and by then I've fallen back asleep and it's 6am.  Ignorance is bliss...or bad parenting.  :-)

Finally, some Sabot love.  I've been demanding of this poor guy - forgetting that he's been "our boy" for the last 9 years and expecting him to adjust overnight to a little one and the demands that he places on us.  Sabot has been our baby and focus of lots of attention in that 9 years...and he now follows me around the house frequently like he's starved for love (which, I can assure you - he's not).  

Here's a few pics of our first baby...and, sadly - we occasionally find ourselves calling Logan "Sabot" - although I think we've only done it 3-4 times.


  1. Glad you guys had a happy Easter! It sounds like Logan is turning into a pretty good sleeper. Nice work! :) I bet he will quickly adjust and start napping at daycare too.

  2. I love the picture of you and L by the lake! And I totally know how guilty we can feel about the new baby and dogs (Lady: "baby? What's a baby?"). In the first few weeks, our dogs looked just as haggard as we did. Blood shot eyes, disheveled fur... It's easy to forget that they have to adjust too!