Friday, April 20, 2012

The End and the Beginning

Well, my 12 weeks of maternity leave has drawn to a close.  I'll be back at work outside the house here very shortly.  I'm grateful that the federal government lets me bank my sick leave and that I was able to draw on that so that I could remain in a paid leave status for the whole time.   I'll continue to dream of the day that the United States actually has some sort of paid family leave for moms and / or dads.

I now have a new found respect for moms who quit very successful jobs and choose to stay at home full time after little ones arrive.  While the work is different than paid work - it's most definitely work.  And, I think that one probably has to work pretty hard to stay sane dealing with an infant / toddler / kid every day.  All day.  Without a break.  And then people add in more than one kid?  Seriously - I think they're insane.

Logan has been fighting a cold this week and is going through a growth spurt.  Awesome timing.  So, he's back to being up 3 times a night...and can barely breathe in the morning.  Hello gross green boogers that never seem to end.  Nice.  Couple that with a day of insane crankiness where he didn't want to be held by anyone but me...and it made for a long week

We did daycare 3 days this week...he's settling into the routine nicely.  I'm a little scared about getting out of the house in a timely manner Monday morning - I figure I need to leave here about 0615 to make it in to work at 0720 and to give myself drop-off time at daycare.

Today Logan was a champ - he did a fairly early day at daycare while I worked out and got a massage, then napped when I took him over to the Shipyard employee awards ceremony to congratulate one of the people who works for me and was nominated.  Naturally, I was able to show off our super cute baby to everyone.  :-)

The weather finally held and we got a great walk in this afternoon.  I've become somewhat adept at handling the stroller and the dog.  Except when there is a bunny....but, we managed to NOT tip the BOB over and I didn't even let Sabot chase the bunny.  Good dog.

Joe and Logan spent the evening watching the Yankees vs Red Sox. 

And, some time in the jumperoo!  He seriously loves this thing.

The weekend is supposed to be wonderful here.  I have a run planned with my good friend tomorrow (finally!) and then I'm thinking we're all going to be outside a LOT.  I have garden beds that need to be tended to, Joe has work in the shed and it would be really awesome if the lot of us can get down to clear creek trails to walk together.

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  1. That nasty crud is getting passed around! P has the same boogers, and extra wake ups at night bc of them. I'm still working on stroller + dog - I always pass one of the off to whoever is walking with me ;)