Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Gendered Toys

My mom got us some super cute baby toys and I was unwrapping them when I noticed this packaging on a hammer rattle.  "For a busy baby boy"?!  What the what?!  Yeah, I always get annoyed when pink toys are marketed to girls - or those stupid new lego sets (like girls can't play with regular legos).  No matter if we had a boy or girl, either kid was going to playing with regular legos, wooden blocks and toys, etc.

But - seriously - what 3 month old gives a rip if a hammer rattle is for a boy or girl?  Do we really need to start putting kids in roles (handyman, princess) this early?  Let the kid play with whatever they want.  And parents should buy toys based on what they'll teach or entertainment they'll provide.

My son will be baking and cooking with me in the kitchen - because I want to teach him how to take care of himself, make good meals and enjoy yummy foods.  I'll buy him the super awesome Melissa and Doug food toys..and maybe even a kitchen.

So there.

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