Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump day...

Well, my "paid" work is done for the day and now working on the unpaid job.  :-)  Isn't that lovely.

Seriously, it's been a pretty good week.  Logan is adjusting to day care slowly.  He's been getting a couple of naps in while he's been there.  Nothing earth shattering considering he now is woken up at 0545 and doesn't fall asleep until his first nap sometime in the 8am-ish timeframe, if we're lucky.  He's had a couple of 45 minute or hour long naps so far.  I'm hoping that it continues to get better....he definitely crashes out once we get home.  We're averaging at least one 2 hour nap - and sometimes that a 2.5 hour and then a 1 hour.  The only advantage is that he's sleeping really well at night.  When he falls asleep around 8pm (we start the process around 7pm with a bath) - he's gone until about 0330 the past couple of nights.  And I think he only stirs then because of Bobo the Idiot Dog (who feels he must eat that early).

One thing I've been able to get into the bedtime routine several times this week is reading Logan a story.  It's been fun - I feel like I almost have 'Goodnight Moon' memorized.  Story time is definitely important to me - I want to try to get him to enjoy reading as much as I do.

The bottle situation at daycare has improved GREATLY!  I think that since the providers are spending more time with him, they're able to get a better handle on his hungry cues.  And, the pumping at work has been going well.  I really love our expressing stations - even though I have to don my hard hat to get to one of the two that are out by me.  they're in bathrooms - but are NOT a stall - one of them has a lockable door (so nice!) and the other is a little bigger but has a shower curtain for the barrier.  There's something a little weird about undressing that much in a work location, but - what are you going to do?!

I've been settling in back at work again.  Trying to find my footing and figure out how my replacement and I are going to split the duties.  I pretty much refuse to work any overtime this year and the way it seems like my job is shaping up - it's not a one person job.  There are so many special data pulls that the boss wants PLUS resource requests, bean counts, metrics and (my favorite) brief preparation.  Good times.  At least I have an experienced person who filled in for me - that makes the division of labor that much easier.  Add into everything meetings and me needing to find time to pump outside of lunch - and I'm pretty glad that the other person is going to stay onboard.

Ok - two more days to get through and then the WEEKEND!

Finally, what would a post be without a cute picture?!  We went out for dinner last night and only had a few minutes with the boy until it was time to feed him and then put him down...and he was, again, showing off how strong he was!  And looking a little pissed that he hadn't gotten fed yet.

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