Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

It's Monday morning now and with a good night of sleep (for everyone), I'm ok with reflecting back on the weekend.

Saturday was pretty stinking awesome.  The boy was in a great mood all day...and we put him through about 4 hours in his carseat!

I got about 20 minutes on the bike trainer Saturday AM while Joe took care of the little one.  It felt awesome - but also reminded me just how far I have to go to get back into shape for all the things I want to do this year.

All smiles on Saturday!

Joe snagged a Living Social deal about a year ago for wine tasting in Tacoma and we had agreed to do it when I could actually enjoy the, this was the weekend.  We invited four of our good friends from the Olympia area to join us and it was a date!  The winery was decent - nothing special...but I got to meet the adorable Penny who Bianca just had 4 weeks prior.  She is such a tiny thing still and totally crazy sweet.  I picked up her for a few minutes and she was (compared to Logan) light as a feather.  Oh, my wrists would be in such better shape now if I had a baby a couple pounds lighter.  But, I'm not trading him for anything.  ;-)

I managed to nurse and change Logan in public...much to Joe's chagrin.  I don't see the sense in going all the way back to the car when I had all the gear right there with me.  In hindsight, I should have put him in the Moby wrap - that would have freed my arms up in the winery.  Ah. lesson learned.

To note:  Logan has now been to a winery, brewery and a bar.  All we need is a distillery and then we have a trifecta.

After wine tasting, we followed up on a craigslist ad for a BOB jogging stroller.  It was in awesome condition, so we grabbed it and headed back home.  I love it when people sell BOBs - typically it seems like it's because they're expecting (or have) another little one and are upgrading to a dualie vs single.  This is stroller #3 for us (which Joe didn't totally realize till we put it in the car) - but they all have different uses!  :-)  Umbrella for travel, chicco for everyday, BOB for running / everyday.

The rest of Saturday is a blur - Saturday night was rough for Logan (and us).  He was up a LOT.  I think we wore him out during the day or something and it was affecting his night sleeping.

yesterday was rough on top of that.  He only had (4) 20-30 minute naps ALL DAY.  And was Mr. Crankypants to boot.  Yuck.

Trying to make the most of it on Sunday...a non-crying few minutes in the moby.

Fortunately, he had a stellar night last night...I think he's working on waking up now (lots of little noise over the monitor, but no cries yet)...

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