Sunday, May 13, 2012

Amazing Weekend!

Well, it really wasn't a wonderful week.  Between Logan going through all five bottles (4 plus a spare is how I think of it) at daycare because he wasn't sleeping two of the days, thinking that I was starting to need to supplement with formula to get another bottle worth of milk every day (I usually roll one from one day to the next when he doesn't drink it) and work just being all kinds of crazy and slightly frustrating...I was really glad for the weekend to be here.

The weather here was fantastic this weekend.

Working out in during the week hasn't been happening.  Between waking up for a feeding, having the dog be a pill and then having about an hour - hour and a half in the evenings after Logan goes down to relax - I'm just not feeling it.  Friday night came and I had a swim date with paula.  We managed to crank out a mile in the pool...Saturday I ran with Logan in his BOB for the first time.  That was a lot tougher than I thought it would be - but it felt great even though it was a short 1.5 miles.  Today, then, Paula and I got out and put about 12 miles in on the road bikes.  Felt amazing - my legs were burning a little during the ride, but I'm not as out of shape as I thought.

In between all that working out - Joe and I went out for our first "nice" dinner in Seattle with Logan.  We used up a Yelp deal from last year at Buenos Aires Grill and it was really delish!  Steaks, yummy sides...and too much food to finish there, so we brought a ton of it home!

Logan was amazing during the dinner.  I take him out of his carseat in between the courses just so that he doesn't feel abandoned (and so that there's a greater likelihood of him letting us eat in peace)...Here's me and my cutie!  Can you believe he's 15 weeks old?!  Time just is flying by.

You can see just how awesome he was - all smiles!  He was fading a little at the end (near his dinner time), but really is awesome to take to restaurants.

Today was just amazing outside and we spent about an hour in the backyard in the shade.  Logan was grabbing his feet and starting to work on scooting his butt in the air so he can crawl eventually!

I wish we could have these weekends more often - but, then we wouldn't appreciate them as much!

Another week about to is supposed to be gorgeous here most of the week.  And, I'll keep thinking about my first mother's day present from Logan (in addition to the lovely garnet necklace that Joe and Logan got me).

He "made" this at daycare this week.  Great job kiddo!

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  1. He is so adorable! I love his smile. I'm sorry you had a tough week. Isn't it crazy how stressful the milk thing is? I go through the same thing. Hang in there. I hope this week is going smoother!