Sunday, May 06, 2012


I was in Gymboree a few weeks ago redeeming my Gymbucks...and I started digging through their ultra-clearance bins.  Most of the things in there were holiday / winter clothes.  And then I found this pink polo shirt for little boys.  3-6 month old little boys, to be precise.  Hmmm...this would be cute, I thought - since Joe has a nearly identical shirt that I got him at Disneyland (but there is a mickey on Joe's shirt).

We were heading to a friends house last night and Joe came out wearing his pink shirt.  Perfect opportunity to break out the shirt!

In case you're curious - baby jeans are NOT meant for ease of on / off!  They're strictly fashionable...

My two cuties.  Logan, as always, did stellar at our social outing.  He's fine with just chilling and looking around - for well over an hour.

This week marked another milestone - they first cold from daycare that the little one passed to Joe and I.  Lovely.  We're both feeling it this weekend, although it didn't seem to phase Logan too much on Friday when it hit him.

Have I mentioned my newfound Petunia Pickle Bottom love?  They have killer online outlet sales twice a year.  I've stocked up on stroller blankets, receiving blankets, gift sets for random friends who might have kids and wallets (yes, plural.  The prices were killer). I SO don't need more than 1 diaper bag (and really, probably don't even need that 1 diaper bag - I have enough Timbuk2 bags for a lifetime)...but they're really cute.  However, this got my interest... Breast Pump Bag.  I ALMOST got it because it would be nice to have something other than a plain black bag - but seriously - it's almost as much as my pump was.  And, for less than a year of use?  I don't think so. 

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