Friday, May 18, 2012

Things I learned this week.

1) Planning on having coffee with a friend is nearly impossible when both of us are on separate projects.  Between the two of us, we've had to reschedule 4 times.
2) Pumping while stressed and upset results in very little milk.
3) I hate (HATE) feeding Logan from the bottle.  Especially when it's a heated up bottle from daycare that he never should have gotten so late in the day to start with.
4) I should have swung by daycare on Wednesday to visit Logan at lunch.
5) Two days a week of easy meals = lifesaver.
6) I need to be Logan's advocate at daycare.  If he's not getting the right amount of sleep (and he isn't) - it's up to me to say something.
7) When Logan gets only 20 minutes of sleep in a day at daycare, he's still a happy, bubbly baby.  But, he sleeps really well at night then (like - almost 10.5 hours).
8) Twice this week Joe was running errands after work since we drove in separately.  I rely on him A LOT after work to walk the dog and occupy the boy while I make dinner.  Otherwise, it's just hectic (and Sabot is really wanting attention while I"m nursing Logan).
9. Daycare folks commented this week on what a chatterbox he is.  Hm - wonder who he gets that from?

Other random things - Logan is starting to want to sit up on his own.  He's really pulling himself up when I put my thumbs in his his hands. He's giggling A LOT.  Maybe it's laughter - I don't know - but it's so stinking cute.   He's REALLY sticking his tongue out at me now - we were imitating each other this evening with that.  Way fun.  Tonight I noticed that when I sit him up, sometimes he's leaning forward and supporting himself on his arms.  He's still a ways a way from sitting up on his own, but he's working on it.  He shook a rattle this week!  And, he loves his Tiny Love giraffe that attaches to the carseat.  We hear him yanking on it and shaking it for a good portion of the ride.

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