Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To Swaddle...Not to Swaddle

That, my friends, is the question.

We've been pretty successful in the past week with putting Logan to sleep without the swaddle.  At least the first part of the night.  Mostly.

The second part of the night is another story.  I am almost always so tired that I just want to get back into bed as soon as possible...so I put L down into his crib too soon and BAM - eyes are open, legs are flailing.

When this happens, I've resorted to swaddling him lightly, putting him down (peacefully and within 2 minutes of him waking up) and then unwrapping him...then life is good again.

We're still doing a similar thing for naps as well since his arms flail around for a good 15 minutes and sometimes he never settles down (even after 30 minutes of shushing, rocking and patting on the bottom).

We'll get there eventually...

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