Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Typical Day...

Well, it's my fourth full week back to work.  Thought I'd share my normal weekday routine with the whole nursing / pumping stuff.  It's certainly quite the juggling act...as many of my working friends will attest to with the whole pumping situation.  Pics and other stuff will come later this week or next weekend.

5am wakeup.
0545 - wake up Logan is he isn't already awake.  I think we're averaging 3/5 days that I have to wake him up. Immediately nurse Logan.  I thought about waiting till we got to daycare to nurse - or to top him off once we arrived.  But, that was just one more variable in the morning.  I'd rather nurse at home where we're all more comfortable.  And, seriously - he's so cute in the morning - don't you think?

0645 - drop Logan off at daycare.  Joe and I share this in the morning since we carpool.  It doesn't make it all that much faster, but it's fun for both of us to do it and tell him goodbye.
0700 - start work (yay!)
0830 - 0930 - pump.  This is variable depending on what meetings I have going on, etc.  I aim to do this around 0900, but I have a little leeway on either side.  I've blocked out time for pumping on my calendar (with the very ambiguous title "appt") just to make sure that I have at least a little time carved out.  I have to walk to a separate building that has an expression station in it to get to where I pump.  Luckily, there are lockers so that I don't have to bring everything with me all the time.
Meeting, meetings, meetings!
1100 - lunch while working so that I can use my "real" lunch time to pump
1130 - pump
more meetings...every day!
1430 - pump
1600 - pick Logan up at daycare.  Hopefully they didn't feed him too close to the pick up time frame...
1700 - feed Logan
About 7pm - feed Logan and put him to bed.  Note how close together these two feedings are.  He can totally go about 2.5 hours during the weekends or when I'm home - but at the end of the day, I"m trying to top him off so that his belly is full for the night.  One of these days, I'll get brave enough to try without.  But - not anytime soon!
9pm-ish - another pumping session if he went through 5 bottles at daycare
Around 1:30 - 3:30 - feed Logan and hope it's enough to get him to 0530...and the whole process repeats itself.

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  1. Gosh has it been a month already? Time really does fly.. Way to go with having a workable schedule between pumping, nursing, work and home life!