Friday, May 04, 2012

Week one is done

Well, we did it.  We all made it through this first week with our new normal life.

It was actually pretty uneventful.  The evenings were hectic with getting everything done.  In fact - so hectic that I managed to cut my finger pretty nicely while making dinner one night.  Whoops...blood does not go so well with kale.

Joe's been doing the dishes this week while I cook...and he took the opportunity to make a baby bottle sculpture.

I think I mentioned that Logan is enjoying blowing spit bubbles.  Everyday during our commute, Joe and I get such a kick out of hearing him in the backseat...making  bubbles.

The bubble making face

Drool!  And bubbles.

It's so cool to watch him grab items very deliberately now.  He had a little taggie blankie on his lap (same one in the pic above) and he put his hand right where he wanted to and just picked it up.  Awesome.

The weekend will have more fun for us!  I'm running tomorrow, we're heading to a birthday party for one of our friends later in the day and then a baby shower on Sunday.  

And then we get to do it all over again...

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